Dear Public Speakers!!

I would like to response to some comments on my lecture “Analysing best Rhetoric Practices”. Looking through our survey I found such comments: “Americanization of thinking..”, ” Too much Barack Obama..”, “I dont like this comparison of our president with Obama.. Cause our president is actually not so good in public speaking..” and so on..

That’s why I want to repeat that we do respect both Medvedev and Obama..

Different situations, different countries, different cultures and traditions made public speaking skills essential for each person striving for presidency in USA and not important for those who want to become a Russian president.

The point of this lecture was to underline the best features in speeches of greatest persons of modern world, to show You a powerful instrument to improve Your public speaking skills!


An inherent part of personal Public Speaking training is listening and analysing the greatest speeches and the greatest speakers of the World. Enjoy the best speeches here..

Barack Obama – The American Promise

Winston Churchill – We shall fight on the beaches

Dmitriy Medvedev – New Year Speech 2009

Barack Obama – A New Foundation for Growth

Vladimir Putin’s Speech at Munich Security Conference

Full version of Putin speech (2014 Winter Olympics)

Zhirinovsky V. V. – Speech during the Duma’s session on Putin’s elections


Recordings (.mp3) of the greatest speeches of the 20th century from AmericanRhethoricDOTcom

(including the rare recording of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s speech “A World Split Apart”)

Alexander Solzhenitsyn –  A World Split Apart

Malcolm X – The Ballot or the Bullet

Ronald Reagan – Tear Down this Wall

Newton Minow – Television is a Vast Wasteland

John F. Kennedy – JFK Accepts the Democratic Nomination for President

Daniel Webster – Daniel Webster’s Plymouth Oration

Dwight D. Eisenhover – The Eisenhower Farewell Address

Nelson Mandela – Address Upon Release from Prison

Eleanor Roosvelt – Adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Incredible Century – JFK Excerpt

Martin Luther King – I Have A Dream

Winston Churchill – First Address as Prime Minister

Richard Nixon’s Checkers Speech

Jimmy Carter – National Energy Crisis Address

Babe Ruth – Farewell to Baseball


Explore the greatest speeches further


Great speeches of 20th century

Enjoy some videos of professional keynote speaker Garrison Wynn

Garrison Wynn’s web-page



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